Confession of a Wandering Soul

Show Luo lies about his age; pretends to be 6 years younger to pick up girls

Posted by diopatra on April 15, 2009

show lou

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @

“Xiao Zhu” Show Luo went to New York to learn dancing and had the opportunity to meet beautiful girls. Talking with with has improved his English greatly, he even lied about his age to pick up girls!

Before setting out, Xiao Zhu felt hesitant, worried that his poor English would make him speechless in America. However, yesterday his agent Xiao Xiang said, “[He] doesn’t want to come back.” His agent revealed, going to New York for 10 days, Xiao Zhu had lots of luck with girls overseas. Speaking of meeting beautiful girls, he beamed with joy, mentioning that a 22-year-old American female student in his class took the initiative to strike up a conversation with him and during class she would also often use her mirror to sneak a look at his every action.

Danced with street performer, attracting crowds to surround and watch

The female student even asked Xiao Zhu who has a doll-like face, “You look very young, you should be about the same age as me, right?” Trying to pick up the girl, Xiao Zhu who is turning 30 this year, used the situation to his own benefit and said, “Nah, I’m two years older than you,” immediately wiping off 6 years.

In America, Xiao Zhu was “living incognito” improving dancing skills and the female student who was from Japan, complimented him on his good dancing, asking if he was a professional dancer. This made him secretly feel good inside, like he’d eaten Da Bu Tie 大補帖 noodles. He happily said, “I want to come again next time, but stay a little longer.” Xiao Zhu’s dancing skills were also admired on the streets of New York; when he danced with the street performer, many passers-by were eager to surround and watch them. The street performer’s earnings increased and in the end, Show also gave him an extra US dollar (approx. $33 NTD).


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