Confession of a Wandering Soul

At the mention of Eddie Peng, Jolin hesitates

Posted by diopatra on April 16, 2009


Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @

As soon as Xiao S saw Jolin Tsai she asked, “Are you and Eddie Peng for real?” In the end Jolin hesitated. Xiao S even said bluntly that last time when Jolin was photographed with Billy’s son Nick “it was fake”.

Xiao S really loves asking about gossip, so her older sister Barbie’s ex-boyfriends Blue Lan and ZaiZai were both asked until they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Yesterday, it was Jolin’s turn to appear on [Kang Xi Lai Le] and taking advantage of Jolin waiting for Gigi to come do guests’ clothes and makeup, Xiao S first asked, “Let’s revise your relationship rumours” then said, “Using a woman’s sixth sense, I think there is [a relationship].” At this time, Jolin looked very awkward but Xiao S continued to ‘attack’, “If Eddie Peng was to hold your hand, would you be willing?”

Xiao S was very interested in Jolin’s love life, continuously asking her how long she must be with a guy until they hold hands and kiss. Jolin was hesitant and in the end replied, “One month.” And when she is at that “important moment” with her boyfriend, must they have the same underwear? “Not necessarily, it doesn’t matter if they’re not the same colour, as long as it looks good.” Tsai KangYong exposed Xiao S, pointing out that when she goes to the toilet, she will ask her good girlfriends to come chat with her, then asked Jolin whether she would do that, in the end she replied, “As long as it’s not too smelly then I could.”


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