Confession of a Wandering Soul

Charlene Choi shouted and said she was not a young girl

Posted by diopatra on April 16, 2009

charlene choi
Source: The Sun
Translated by Firesheepy @

Yesterday, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) disclosed in Cha Xiao Xin’s entertainment show that recently the targets that she wanted to say ‘I’m sorry’ to was her grandpa and Si Si, because previously she was busy filming in Taiwan, and could not take leave to visit her grandpa, who was suffering from Severe Alzheimer’s disease, and she was sorry because Si Si got injured from taking care of her grandpa. Speaking of her recently released album, Ah Sa said that her singing was more mature than when singing in Twins, and she disclosed that her colleagues actually suggested that she try the image of a young girl (玉女路線), and she was so shocked that she shouted: “No, even thinking and saying that shocks me!”

Other than that, recently, Ah Sa, Vivian Chow and Hins Cheung accompanied World Vision and went for an interview in Nepal, Vivian Chow had already supported 4 children, and Ah Sa and Hins joined the scheme and showered the children with love.


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