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FanFan Fan WeiQi Has Lost Her Voice; Progress On New Album Temporarily Suspended; Does Charity Work

Posted by diopatra on April 16, 2009

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
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While at an event yesterday (the 14th), FanFan Fan WeiQi revealed that she is currently devoting herself wholeheartedly to preparing for her new album; however, last week, she accidentally got sick– one of the Bang Bang Tang didi’s gave her a serious cold. She is currently “without” a voice; the background dub-in progress of her new album has to be temporarily suspended. Despite her cold, however, FanFan, whose “good works” do not “lose out” to anyone, still managed to attend the press conference for Maria Social Welfare Foundation’s new program, “Happy Magic Cakes– Giving the Gift of Love To Remote, Underprivileged Elementary Schools.” She even generously dipped into her own pockets, buying 1000 cakes!

Since the beginning of spring (2009), FanFan has already spoken out on behalf of five charity events; not only has she not been paid for any of these appearances– she has paid the associated make-up and travel expenses herself. FanFan expressed that, no matter how busy she gets in her work life, she hopes that she can do all she can to help those who are less fortunate than herself. She also hopes that she will be able to “spokesmodel for at least one charity event a month.”

At the event, FanFan made cakes with two children from remote, underprivileged districts. FanFan discovered that she had very little drawing talent at an early age: once, when she was only a child, she drew a picture of a Labrador; she was told, however, that it looked like a sheep, not a Labrador! Afraid that she would “lose” out to a little first grader, FanFan could only secretly cheat! She asked a worker to prepare a small angel ornament for her in advance. After they finished making the cake, FanFan said that she would like to give her cake to her grandmother, who lives in Taichung.

FanFan called on everyone to join her in doing charity and showing compassion. She said that just $120 NTD (less than $4 US) would buy a “Compassion Cake;” the proceeds would go toward bringing love and warmth to the children who live in remote, underprivileged districts. They aim to sell 10,000 cakes. FanFan took the lead and purchased 1000 cakes; she emphasized that having the ability to “give back” to society is a very “happy” thing. In hard economic times, the underprivileged and disadvantaged need everyone’s support and assistance.

Donation Hotline: 04-23716701, Extension 39
Donation Account Number (Transfer): 20521328
Account Name: 財團法人瑪利亞社會福利基金會 Maria Social Welfare Foundation


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