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Good friends expose details: Jay Chou and Patty Hou’s relationship started online

Posted by diopatra on April 16, 2009

jay chou

Source: NOWnews

After entering the entertainment industry, the only relationship Jay Chou has admitted to is the “Chou Hou relationship”, this relationship that has already passed still makes people today curious, Jay Chou doesn’t talk about it at all, but his 3 good friends, lyricist Vincent Fang, makeup artist Du Guo Zhang and dance teacher Ice Cream has helped him fill in the details, it turns out the Chou Hou relationship started online.

Vincent Fang said, Jay Chou actually doesn’t know how to use the computer that well, he types with one finger and types very slowly, so he only types a few simple words, all the computer is to him is a tool for finding information. Teacher Ice Cream also revealed, Jay Chou spent a long time learning how to use msn, but he doesn’t know how to register, so he steals other people’s account to use.

Teacher Ice Cream said, one day Jay used his account to chat with Ice Cream’s friends online, but the person on the other end discover it wasn’t Ice Cream by the words and asked who he was? Jay Chou said, “I’m Jay Chou”, the other person didn’t believe him and asked him to turn on the webcam.

Ice Cream said, he usually leaves the webcam on, but Jay Chou insists on turning it off, because online cameras make him feel unsafe; but on that day, Jay Chou unexpectedly agreed to turn on the webcam so the other person could see him, “That person was Patty Hou.” Ice Cream said, after the two got to know each other better online, they drew closer until they became lovers.

The Chou Hou relationship started in 2004 and ended in 2006, after the breakup, Jay Chou was still very low profile, but Patty Hou has been much more open, she once gave a comment on the Chou Hou relationship: “I’ve never rebelled before, this was my one and only rebellious act, I must be responsible for myself.”

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