Confession of a Wandering Soul


Posted by diopatra on April 17, 2009



Filiming starts: Oct 2008.
Premieres: April 30, 2009.

Director : Park Hee Gon

Cast :
Kim Rae Won 김래원, Uhm Jung Hwa 엄정화,
Choi Song Hyun 최송현, Im Ha Ryong 임하룡, Hong Soo Hyun 홍수현, Kim Byung Ok 김병옥, Go Chang Suk, Jung Jin 정진, Kim Jung Tae 김정태, Ma Dong Suk 마동석, Oh Jung Sae 오정세

Kim Rae Won plays the role Lee Kang Joon, a specialist in restoring artworks. He will solve the mystery surrounding a famous painting called ‘Byuk-An’ (벽안도).

Official Site :
Official blog :
Naver movie site :
Daum movie site :…o?movieId=47747

its been a while i’ve seen kim raewon’s drama/movie, and this movie looks interesting.


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