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Whee Sung Steals Hearts of Fans in Japan

Posted by diopatra on April 17, 2009


He presented a spectacular three-hour show.

Whee Sung held a solo concert entitled “Tokyo Whee Show” in Japan on Sunday, where he fascinated some 2,000 fans with his resonant voice, powerful dancing and appealing falsetto.

The Korean singer was accompanied by a team of 40 crew members who built a grand set and created fancy video images for the concert, and a background chorus and dancers who made the concert more exciting.

Appearing on the stage from the middle of the center stairs that were split into two, Whee first sang “Why Can’t It Be?” He performed a total of 21 songs from his own albums and the albums of Japanese singer Mika Nakajshima.

He did not just sing but wowed the fans with various tricks. When singing “Walking the Sky,” to his fans’ surprise, he–wearing a cloak–vanished from the stage while climbing the center stairs and reappeared among the audience. He performed “Insomnia” in the form of a musical.

Many Korean fans also attended to cheer on Whee since it was his first solo concert in Japan. Actor Yoo Tae-woong was also there to congratulate him.

“I will do my best to give a better performance when I hold a concert again in Japan,” Whee said. “I will work hard to go on beyond Korea, Japan and Asia to the world stage. I ask you for your continuous support.”

In an interview with Yonhap News after the concert, he said, “I learned a lot from this experience. I will keep trying to be better as I get to know what I lack and need to improve.”

He lastly thanked his Japanese fans for their genuine support and interest. He said, “I am so happy to see you enjoy my show. I will never stop pushing myself to be the best.”

Source: KBS Global

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