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Lee Min Ho for Pepsi vs Kim Hyun Joong for Coke

Posted by diopatra on April 18, 2009

lee minhokim hyun joong
Source : Hankyung
translation by misshakissh @

CocaCola and Pepsi has chosen the two main actors of the Drama ” Boys over Flower” as their models.

CocaCola’s new saida ( T/N : i think it means carbonated soft drink in korean..) Dynamic kin was released on the 17th. They has chosen actor Kim Hyun Joong and actress Park Shin Hye as the faces for the new drink

Earlier on the 15th, rival company Pepsi’s new diet saida ‘Pepsi Nex’ was released, and the company has chosen LEE MINHO and the past Mi.Ko.(미.코 Miss Korea) Lee Honey as their models.

Kim Hyun Joong signed 6 months contract for the CocaCola’s model agreement, and Lee Minho as well has signed a 6 months contract with Pepsi. Lee Minho’s CF for Pepsi Nex will be released in MAY.

CocaCola’s Brand manager Lee Ji Hyun rep. said ” the soft and polished up image of Kim Hyun Joong, and refreshingly sexy image of park Shin Hye matches well with the Refreshing taste of the DYNAMIC KIN saida, and through this we believed it was appropriate to chose the two models to represent CocaCola’s new saida.

Pepsi’s Rep said ” We are working very hard to raise the Pepsi Nex’s market share in Korea by using fast attack strategy, and so we used Boys Over Flower’s main face Lee Minho as the model just like the other two asian countries BOF models.”

Just like the two characters in the drama, Pepsi and CocaCola has been long rivals. Through this new model deal, they have brought the drama’s rivalry to reality. It’ll definitely create more interest among the people.

It will be interesting to see how well the two saida companies will use the marketing strategy with these two rising stars.


3 Responses to “Lee Min Ho for Pepsi vs Kim Hyun Joong for Coke”

  1. hina said

    hi, i am from usa, originally from india.
    i luv the show boys over flower

  2. hina said

    please keep me posted about all this actors update thatnks

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