Confession of a Wandering Soul

When filming commerial, Yumiko imagines herself as Ah Sa

Posted by diopatra on April 18, 2009

Translated by: AzL @

Yumiko turned up at cosmetic brand EISENBERG press conference in a refreshing spring outfit. When mentioned about Gillian’s amusing incident while filming for a commercial, Yumiko expressed that she finds it interesting, and also imagines herself transforming into Charlene.

Yumiko who just returned to Hong Kong has been very busy accepting new job offers. Yesterday she wore a low-cut spring outfit for the cosmetic brand EISENBERG at Tsim Sha Tsui, The Luxe Manor Dada Bar to hold a press conference, where she shared some skincare tips and also exclaimed that the cosmetic is effective in getting rid of panda’s eyes.

When asked about her recent collaboration with Gillian in a commercial, Yumiko reveals that Gillian’s been in great shape. Because of the different timing, this resulted in just a short time both of them get to work together. “So happy! I have a stranger for a partner, and when posing, I can imagine myself as Charlene!”
Yumiko even expressed that Gillian, who finished work much earlier than her, sacrificed the free time which she could use for resting to eat with her. “Ah Gill’s very loyal, it’s been so long since I have enjoyed eating together like this, I’m very happy!”

Flew to Shanghai to celebrate Father’s Birthday
After that, Yumiko flew to Shanghai, and together with Nicholas Tse, both of them turned up for many activities. Yumiko, who hadn’t gotten the chance to celebrate her father’s birthday for more than 10 years took the opportunity to show that she’s filial, “Woke up at 8 plus to get the cake, then went home, was afraid to go out on the street. My mum don’t know how to lie and I don’t want to argue with her, when the maid opened the door, my daddy even asked, “Who’s so early?” In addition, when mentioned about her senior, Joey Yung, trying to claim her advertisement fee and decided to fight this case in court, Yumiko disclosed that everyone knew that Joey’s price’s high, with regards to this false news there hasn’t been any clarifications. “She wasn’t chased for tax, but instead was happy to get her fee, I wouldn’t mind if you wrote that I’m only worth 500 dollars.”


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