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Korean F4 madly attracts Japanese girls; making $21,540,000 NTD in a day

Posted by diopatra on April 19, 2009

boys over flower

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @

Yesterday the Korean [Boys Over Flowers] F4 Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and female lead Koo Hye Sun held a fans meeting and press conference in Tokyo. Following Taiwan and Japan filming the television drama of this, the “Boys Over Flowers craze” has once again been set off in Japan.

Lee Min Ho loves to spend, blames drama for stirring up trouble

Yesterday the Korean “Boys Over Flowers” cast members held two fans activities in the afternoon and at night. One event had 3000 people, with an entrance ticket costing $10,500 JPY (approx. $3590 NTD); in one day they made a total of $21,540,000 NTD. There were media from over 100 companies at the press conference that evening, this was most surprising in comparison to other Korean stars who have come to promote in Japan lately. The Japanese media seems to still be very supportive of the “Boys Over Flowers” name.

Lee Min Ho who acts as male lead Gu Jun Pyo in the drama (originally known as Domyoji Tsukasa) appeared dressed in white like Prince Charming. He joked saying, because his character in the drama was very rich, personally he has also developed a habit of spending money.

Kim Hyun Joong reveals he isn’t gentle, afraid this will shock people

Kim Hyun Joong said many people think that he is similar to his character (originally known as Hanazawa Rui), that he speaks just as gently but in fact, the real him is not like that, he hopes everyone won’t be shocked at hearing this.

Lee Min Ho said even though there are already Taiwanese and Japanese versions, the Korean version has a different taste, and also has many interesting little insert tracks, he hopes that everyone will like it; while Kim Hyun Joon said the plot for the Korean version is more realistic and the love aspect is portrayed much more deeply; Goo Hye Sun supported this saying, the Korean “Boys Over Flowers” presents Korean emotions not found in the Taiwanese or Japanese version, so everyone can notice and compare them.

Koo Hye Sun who was surrounded by 4 handsome guys, had her head down all along, nervous; she said she has always been very shy. However, due to the very cheerful personality of the female lead, she has been influenced and has now become much more lively compared to before.


6 Responses to “Korean F4 madly attracts Japanese girls; making $21,540,000 NTD in a day”

  1. Bbclee said

    Actually, the credit should go to SS501 group and its leader Hyun Joong, whose are already very popular in Japan. Most of the fans came for their performance. BOF promotional trategy was to use SS501 popularity to expand the recognition of the drama.

  2. Zenzi said

    Yeap! That’s true. Fans came and paid that much for SS501’s performance, not for F4. BOF maybe very popular for the Korean, but not for the Japanese, yet. It’s a smart move of the drama production team. Anway, it’s good for all.
    Love them all

  3. BbZeku said

    Credit should go to SS501 and its leader, HyunJoong, who are already popular in Japan. Most of fans came for their performance. The BOF production just use the popularity of SS501 to promote BOF in Japan.

  4. Bunny said

    Of course, SS501 maybe the reason for the pupularity of BOF but the characters in BOF made it popular as well. Like Kim Hyun Joon said the korean version made it more realistic. We have the SS501 and T Max to thank for their theme sony which also made it polular. I guess it was also the right timing for all the F4 BOF cast. I definitley enjoy their drama and of course, love to look at the BOF cast. Hope for more to come………….

  5. Nicharee said

    Internet and technology also promote popularity of this drama. BOF in Korean version is well-known among asian in several countries not only in Japan, but also in Thaialnd and asian in western countries. Almost of international fan have a chance watch them online and being translated in several languages. SS501 is another factor of success. After finish this drama, fans enjoy their passion in love song as well. Anyhow, the credit should be granted to BOF writer who is great in writing this successful theme in context which is popular in all version starting from Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean version.

    I love all of them and will support for their success.

  6. diopatra said

    i think saying the credits goes to ss501 is unfair. hyunjoong was nearly invisible the first part of the drama, and he and kim joon received most of the critics saying they are the weakest link of the cast. good thing both of them really improved during the drama.

    the drama became popular because of the cast as a whole, the storyline and the sound tracks. and kudos to all the people behind it. they really did good job.

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