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SS boys return to Korea

Posted by diopatra on April 20, 2009


Hyun Joong and the rest of the SS boys returned home to Seoul on the 17th after completing the KPN promotions in Japan.

This has been the busiest schedule for F4 as they had to attend the recording of ‘Smap X Smap’ on the 15th as well as complete all the necessary promotions on the 16th.

P/S: I think he’s starting to look better! Must be because he’s finally with his members again! No more headaches from being with actors, hehe!

*Credits:, Newsen* allseouldout


3 Responses to “SS boys return to Korea”

  1. czak said

    what is the pants that hyun joong oppa wearing?!?!?
    still he is HOT!!!
    kyu jung looks very handsome here….
    and jungmin is no where to be found… why is that?!?!?
    young saeng is really cutie…
    hyun joon is very manly here!!!

  2. hannhann said

    welcome back.

  3. _joey_ said

    This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

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