Confession of a Wandering Soul

Kim Hyun Joong : “I’ll fight for a girl, even if it’s my friend’s girlfriend, unless it’s Jung Min’s”

Posted by diopatra on April 20, 2009


Credits: + Elsa菜 @ + (english translation) SS5014ever @

Up next was Leader Kim Hyun Joong, whom the audience had been anticipating.

Once he was up on stage, the audience started waving their lightsticks and fans. As “Hyun Joong” was difficult to pronounce, everyone was shouting “Leader, Leader” instead. Kim Hyun Joong greeted everyone in fluent Japanese, “I’m very glad to see everyone here today, regardless if I’ve seen you before, or if this is our first meeting.”

Kim Hyun Joong prepared a special present, which was his guitar performance. He played the song he played for Jan Di in “Boys over Flower”, winning him the cheers of the fans. But as he was too nervous, he NG-ed twice. However, fans would always shout “It’s ok” in Korean to an embarrassed Kim Hyun Joong, and he managed to finish his performance.

In the subsequent interview, he was asked “If you fell in love with your friend’s girlfriend, just like in the drama, what would you do?” Kim Hyun Joong replied, “If I really like the girl, I’ll go for it”, “But that girl mustn’t be Jung Min’s girlfriend…” His reply caused laughter among the audience. When asked, “Why not Jung Min’s girlfriend”, Kim Hyun Joong replied, “He’s too scary”, again causing the audience to laugh.

With regards to interesting happenings during filming, Kim Hyun Joong said, “In New Caledonia, if you hurt a lizard accidentally, you’ll be deported. So we spent most of our filming time looking at the ground.”

During the fan meeting, Kim Hyun Joong also had performances with the other members of SS501.


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