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Oneday’s ‘Strong Baby’

Posted by diopatra on April 20, 2009

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Idol groups 2AM & 2PM have brought in quite a lot of attention among netizens for their noraebang video.

On the 4th in a video server site, the netizens have talked of the 22 second clip of the boys singing at noraebang. By this, it has caused the views to go up.

The video was at a noraebang for a birthday and that 2PM & 2AM decided to sing Seungri’s ‘Strong Baby’ as they added in their own unique flavor with hand motions and all of them playing together.

Also, in the last portion of the video, one says “We’re going to get attacked by Big Bang fans…” as he quickly turns off the music. When netizens saw this, they moreover saw it as a cute motion and said that the boys indeed know how to have fun.

Netizens have given a positive feedback for this because this showed a different side of just singers in their 20s that go on stage; these singers are just boys or girls and it is a time for them to be having fun in which the two groups 2PM & 2AM has shown.

source: Bestiz
translated by: seoulfoood @ 2OD


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