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“Going into Japan”, Interview on SS501’s Japanese

Posted by diopatra on April 21, 2009


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The center of the Korean Wave/Hanryu, how good is SS501’s Japanese?

SS501, who returned along with the cast of “Boys over Flower” on the 19th, caused a stir with their Japanese language skills, especially Kim Hyun Joong, who’s fluent Japanese greatly helped interviews with the cast to go smoothly.

Famous for being quiet, Kim Hyun Joong took up the microphone and spoke up for the cast during Japan’s TBS broadcast and the event at Tokyo’s JBC. His fluent Japanese grabbed the attention of everyone.

It’s the 4th year since SS501 started having events in Japan and Korea simultaneously. SS501 members who were on stage at the end of the event also won the applause of the 5000 people who were present with their Japanese language skills.

How did SS501 learn their Japanese? How good are they?

SS501 explains in the interview that it was totally “on the spot learning”

“It was unlike other groups, who’d learn the language before going overseas”, recalls Kim Kyu Jong, “The members didn’t know anything when we went to Japan, and we could only stay in our hostel watching a TV with no foreign channels”, “the teacher who came occasionally didn’t speak Korean”, “Initially it was to overcome the feeling of glumness, subsequently it was due to the need to survive that we learnt Japanese.”

When asked who picked up the language the fastest, everyone unanimously chose Park Jung Min. Kim Hyung Jun said laughingly, “Jung Min’s also the most fluent in Korean”, “Jung Min seems to have a talent in learning languages. Initially we didn’t think much of it but when he was conversing with Japanese fans after the musical Grease, we were really shocked. It was really cool seeing his interaction with the audience.”

“But the hidden talent is Heo Young Saeng!” Kim Kyu Jong, who said this, talked about an incident that occurred not too long after they had started learning Japanese. “Members were hard at work learning Japanese, Young Saeng hyung only watched but he started having an earnest conversation with a Japanese friend without our knowledge.” Kyu Jong’s comments caused Young Saeng to be embarrassed, though he cleverly remarked “I only talk to locals.”

A staff from SS501’s company, DSP ent, said, “After their debut, Korea and Japan activities were the main focus, so all the members gradually had the ability to speak Japanese, at the very least, they won’t feel unease in their daily life”, “During Japan’s fan meeting, even without the help of a translator, most of them can converse without a problem, so the atmosphere is good.”

Concentrating heavily on activities in Korea since last year end, SS501 is slated to start their Japan activities from next month. There’ll be a Japan-Korea combined fan meeting on the 2nd and they will also be promoting the release of their 2nd Japan album in May.


2 Responses to ““Going into Japan”, Interview on SS501’s Japanese”

  1. _joey_ said

    This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

  2. Diana said

    Aw, why must they just be Japan and Korean fans? Don’t they know they have American fans too? *sighs* Oh well, I’ll just sit here and gaze at them till I can see them. ^_^

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