Confession of a Wandering Soul

Charts: EXILE, Kanjani8

Posted by diopatra on April 22, 2009

EXILE once again proved their popularity this past week, even after doubling in size due to their recent merger with J Soul Brothers. Their new single, “THE MONSTER ~Someday~,” picked up the #1 ranking with 172,000 copies sold. This far surpassed Kobukuro’s “Niji,” which came in at #2 with under 68,000 in sales.

GIRL NEXT DOOR was #3, barely beating °C-ute. Base Ball Bear also managed to make the cut into the top ten, landing at the bottom of the list with their new single.

On the albums chart, Kanjani8 led the way with “PUZZLE,” selling 212,000 copies. This is their second consecutive #1 album, following up on 2007’s “KJ2 Zukkoke Daidassou.”

Yuko Ando’s best album charted at #5, while Takuro Yoshida came in at #6 with “Gozenchu ni.” For Yoshida, this is his first original album in close to 6 years, and it is his first release since moving to Avex. At just over 63 years old, Yoshida has now captured the record of oldest artist to release a top ten album, overtaking Kazumasa Oda.

Hikaru Utada is still #1 on the foreign albums chart, making this her fifth consecutive week. “This Is The One” has so far sold about 187,000 copies.

Source: tokyograph


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