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IU Back with Cutesy Image

Posted by diopatra on April 22, 2009

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source: coolsmurf

Singer IU released her first full-length album Growing Up on the 16th and had begun promotions for it on the 17th on KBS2TV Music Bank with her title song Boo. She made her debut last September with her 1st mini-album and her song Missing Child (Miya). Although she was only 15 back then, her solid and mature vocals plus stage presence seems to be pointing to a promising singing career.

Before releasing her new album and starting on promotions, IU (real name: Lee Ji Eun) has had to cope with a busy schedule, alternating between preparing for her album and handling her school examinations. IU has been treating the studio as her second home recently as she is there daily after school ends for vocal and dance training. Her title song Boo is a tune from the 80s retro era as LOEN Entertainment said, “We are adopting a vastly different concept compared to her previous. She is now busy handling album promotions and her school examinations. She is a child who has a great attitude when it comes to learning, and always squeezes out time to learn new things. We believe that she will do well regardless in whatever she does.”


when i’ve seen this news, i know i’ve encountered this artist already but not really familiar with her. so i’ve search her debut performance, seriously, she’s good in ballad. so i just cant understand why shift in cutesy image if you have the voice. i know she need to act on her age, sing songs for her age, but seriously, with all the girls groups doing the cutesy image, a solo artist must have a really catchy song to stand out among this girl groups. her new song is not that bad, but its not also that great compare to recent songs released.

but i still want to see what will happen to this girl. seriously, her voice is better than members of girl groups these days. and she’s only 15. watch her debut song…..


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