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The 3rd ‘The Musical Awards’ (Park Jungmin on 2nd place)

Posted by diopatra on April 22, 2009

seungripark jungmin

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Results are 100% voted by netizen, there was a strong competition in the popularity category among entertainer-turned-musical actors. Especially in the male actor category where it is monopolize by idol stars.

From a total of 13,996 votes, male popularity award goes to Big Bang’s Seungri with 3,072 votes.

2nd place goes to SS501’s Park JungMin (2,749 votes) with his appearance in ‘Grease’, 3rd goes to Big Bang’s DaeSung (1,827 votes), 4th is Super Junior’s Kim HeeChul (1,395 votes). In the female category, Ock JuHyun claimed the 1st place with 2,005 votes, followed by Choi SungHee (1,351 votes), Hong JiMin (1,340 votes).


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