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Yoobin isn’t angry at overweight comments

Posted by diopatra on April 22, 2009


Yoobin isnt angry at overweight comments

Not too long ago Wonder Girl Yoobin seemed a bit upset over some comments posted by netizens, calling her fat. This time around, it’s not bothering her so much. Here’s the translation of Yoobin’s Cyworld entry by sookyeong:

“I will not receive any more hurt. Rather I am thankful for all the concerns! All the criticisms I got at my photo album, no longer recognizable like the mashed red beans inside sweet HoDo cookie.”

YooBin said in her post, “Regarding my body, I think I am still putting on weight. There are many people who like me and care about me, and I had received many comments of advice and concern. Everyone is curious about my condition. Even though I’m not perfect, I am sufficiently satisfied with my body.”

“Even though I like the trend of being skinny these days, I prefer to have a suitable and healthy body. I am also controlling my diet and doing exercises.“

She also added, “During the ‘Nobody’ days, actually there wasn’t proper managing of my body and health, and my body condition was not good. But with doing a concert now, I have lose some weight and I feel healthy. For people who are looking at me and feels that I am plump and unfit, I am feeling healthy and I like my looks now a lot.“

credits: allkpop


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