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A new trot generation

Posted by diopatra on April 23, 2009

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source: Gimsang hogija sangho94
translations: l0ral0vah @ soompi

Nam Jin. Nahunah. Taejinah. Songdaegwan. Seolundo. The trot, and the middle-aged representative hyeoncheol regarded as the exclusive possession of it is true that was. Young people in a karaoke heunge gyeoun guseongjin trot, but it can often look. Enjoy the music program or the young floor favorite online music site, was easy to find songs in the trot.

However, Demos 2004. Bakhyeonbin 2006 due to the tendency of the new wind ileotda trot. ‘Oh my God Oh my God, do not do it. Reed says a woman’s heart. ‘Gondeure mandeure I’ve taken. You’ve fallen in love with the scent in the direct ear of the lyrics and the melody comes out, the ‘new generation trot’ was the starting point. ‘New generation, trot,’ get out of popularity in the music market, recording the type of project and wish the young topgasudeulyi series of challenges began to trot. The attempt at a trot, and fans of music from the ‘Neo-trot’ (Neo Trot) LA is called love is.

◇ Who called?

‘Lie’. ‘Last of’ Big Bang, the best growth of the children’s group as a member of Daesung’s trot solrogok ‘Look at me, defect, caused a sensation, give me the. The introduction of cutting-edge sound of the producer to the Big Bang G-Dragon team to create this song. Daesung’s trot, and hang out with why this might look comical dance adorned gusuhan thick voice, Singing in the old generation was all excited. G-Dragon and Daesung out the momentum early this year, a new teuroteugok ‘is big’ yeontaseok Popular homer was announced.

Super Junior Trot challenge for the Big Bang was the first step. Super Junior Lee Teuk the unit. Huicheol. Prodigy. Strength. Eunhyeok. A Super Junior T seongmin of the Demos’ Oh my God, the composer created in 2007 yunmyeongseon and hand ‘rokkugeo’ he said. The comedy duo in the Japanese women and Japanese versions of both moe ‘rokkugeo’ announced the Daily Oricon singles chart in Japan, rising trot, two top causes fever was achieve results.

Earlier this year, the ‘after’ (Gee) and took the girl to the music industry, members of seohyeon the youngdonggyo rain. ‘Sinsa him the’ trot Queen juhyeonmi with ‘jjarajajja’ he said. The combination of these three and a combination transcends genre was a big topic.

Female singer, the hero of the shade miseong the treble and concert in March in the public gimjong Route teuroteugok ‘ttajwo’ and recently released a digital single, ‘Neo-trot’ was on the market. Women do not like to ssukseureowo dagaseoji aetaewoodaga friend and get a different phone number, and ask for help of comic concert with a song in 5 years a special event for fans gimjong countries called on the outside tteugeopja reaction was reborn as a digital single.

Mixed group of first kului members solrogok Kim Sung Su’s recent semi-trot ‘kkachilhan woman’ and ‘malrangmalrang’ has come up with. Holroseogi in 16 years, and chose to trot, “I liked the original trot. To all who love this style of gokyimyeon you think you can get, “he said.

◇ Why is trot?

To jump into the market demand for new generation topgasudeulyi trot, a large share of the expansion said. Go gangtaegyu critic said, “trot, the best representation of the original Korea sentiment in the genre you love a long time, but steadily. The market was due to songdaegwan taejinah trot, more rejuvenated appearance of the catalysts in the Demos, “he said. “The success of Demos can be in love with the young cheungege trot, they know that the author was actively creating the trot music. That the demand for producers to trot, they would follow the hierarchy, “he said.

Let’s go for another trot, the consciousness of a new generation of producers and consumers on the popular trend has been cut. Trot, one of the Publisher “In the past, consumers see lower part of the music did not trot. But the Big Bang. Super Junior. On the trot, a new generation of challenges, including age of the girl singer, and gained popularity as consumers began to happen at the change, “he said.

But. Trot, trot, the quality of Neo to the development of fever and pyohaneun the time was questioned. Gangtaegyu said, “this trend is contributing to increase the awareness of the trot, can not deny. However, some incentive to look at the lyrics of the song, as in the trot, the quality of these songs is how much to the development board to reconsider it, “he said.


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