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David Gan’s $12,000 a night… SUITE GIFT TO THEM

Posted by diopatra on April 23, 2009

Celebrity hairstylist says venue, planning is on course for Fann and Christopher

fann wong and christopher lee

THE much-anticipated wedding of Christopher Lee and Fann Wong will be a dreamy, starry affair.

If everything works out according to celebrity hairstylist David Gan’s plans, it will befit the stars’ status of Ah Ge-Ah Jie (big brother and big sister in Mandarin) in MediaCorp.

The solemnisation ceremony on 16 May will be held in the presidential suite of the Shangri-la Hotel.

In an interview with The New Paper yesterday, David gushed: ‘We’ve just confirmed the venue, which is just perfect for the most important day of their lives.’

It is believed that the suite, which has three rooms, costs about $12,000 a night.

He added: ‘Both Chris and Fann can get dressed and dolled up in a room each, before making their grand entrance in the living room.’

Much as he wanted the venue to be his present to Christopher and Fann, both 38, David said he nearly had to drop the idea.

He explained: ‘When I first told Chris about it, he felt it’d be a waste as they would leave for Malacca soon after they exchange vows.’

This is so that the newlyweds can return to Christopher’s hometown to pay respects to his ancestors, including his father who died on 10 Feb.

According to Chinese custom, a couple will either have to hold the wedding within 100 days of a close kin’s death or wait three years.

No expense will be spared, said David, who has assumed the role of the couple’s official wedding planner – a first for him.

The self-confessed romantic said: ‘When Chris and Fann first asked me to help them, I was a little uncertain because I’ve not done this before.’

But now that he has taken on the responsibility, he draws his inspiration from his ‘romantic notions and imagination’.

Christopher said: ‘We know we can leave everything in Ah Bu’s (David’s endearment which means mother) hands.

‘Our dream wedding is one that is elegant yet not too extravagant, one which is also filled with sweet romance and personal warmth.’

While Christopher does not discount the possibility that there may be keen sponsors, he said: ‘There are also certain items that I’d really want to pay for with my own money.

‘Such as the wedding gown for Fann, which I feel is truly significant and will hold much sentimental value.’

Fann agreed, saying: ‘I’d love for the wedding dress to be something like a family heirloom, one that can be passed down from generation to generation.’

David is akin to a mother fussing over the wedding details – from the outfits to the rings, the venues for the various events to the guest list.

David said: ‘I just want everything to turn out perfect for them.’

He is also ecstatic that Fann has found a ‘nan zi han’ (real man) in Christopher.

‘Fann is truly blessed – she may not be marrying in ‘hao men’ (wealthy family), but she’s marrying a man who loves her so much that he’ll definitely make her happy,’ he said.

‘And seriously, Chris can easily ask me to help source for sponsors for the wedding, but he did not.

‘Is $300,000 enough?’

‘He wanted to pay for whatever he could afford, but I told him, ‘You’ve got to let me know what your budget is.’

Christopher’s reply: ‘Is $300,000 enough for everything to make it a beautiful one for Fann?’

David said: ‘I was so moved by him. Really. This man has really grown up and matured into one that you know will care for and love his family dearly.’

For now, the two men are keeping the details from Fann, such as the wedding dresses.

Not that she minds. She laughed, then said: ‘If I get involved in the preparation and works, I’d probably not get married because I’d want this now, and that later.’

But David is willing to let on that Fann will wear a dress by local fashion designer Keith Png for the registration ceremony.

And on the big day on 29 Sep – where the traditional Chinese wedding, including the tea ceremony and wedding dinner, will be held at Shangri-la Hotel – Fann’s main gown will be by American designer Vera Wang.

Said David: ‘Which bride would not want to have a chance to wear a Vera Wang gown?’

Christopher will be suited up by international label Ermenegildo Zegna, which is known for its exquisite fabrics and formal suits.

David said: ‘For the exchange of vows, it’ll be simple but stunning – Chris will wear a tuxedo shirt with jeans.’

Zegna has offered to fly Christopher to Italy for a fitting for the formal suits.

And the platinum wedding bands are specially designed by Loang & Noi, said David.

‘I’ve yet to see the finished product, but the bands have been designed with Christopher’s request in mind. I’ve just asked them to keep it simple, elegant and add a stone to it,’ David added.

Christopher said: ‘I’d like the wedding bands to be rather understated, one we can wear every day.’

After a dinner in Malacca for Christopher’s Malaysian relatives and friends at Renaissance Malacca Hotel on 11 Oct, they plan to leave for their honeymoon.

While the lovebirds have discussed romantic destinations such as Europe and even Tibet, Christopher said: ‘The place we pick ultimately will be somewhere where hopefully, we won’t run into too many people (who know them).

‘We’ll also take the time to relax and rejuvenate.’

He laughed and added: ‘Okay, okay, and to make babies too!’

Source: The New Paper


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