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“Kamui” co-stars Kenichi, Koyuki getting intimate?

Posted by diopatra on April 23, 2009

Kenichi Matsuyama Koyuki

This week’s issue of Josei Seven reports a possible romance between actor Kenichi Matsuyama (24) and actress Koyuki (32). The two are co-stars in the upcoming “The Legend of Kamui” movie adaptation, which hits theaters on September 19.

Earlier this month, Matsuyama and Koyuki had dinner at a sukiyaki restaurant with two of Matsuyama’s friends. Afterward, they all went to the house of one friend, but Matsuyama later left with Koyuki to drive her back to her place. The Josei Seven article featured pictures of the pair in the car and walking together, and it is reported that they were seen eating together at a different restaurant back in January. According to one person involved in the filming of “The Legend of Kamui,” Koyuki even made a bento for Matsuyama while on location.

Management on both sides have denied that the relationship is romantic, saying that the two are just good friends.

Source: tokyograph

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