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Siti appeal to fans on wearing tudung: Give me some time

Posted by diopatra on April 23, 2009


DON’T be inconsistent with your image – don the tudung, Siti.

This is what some of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s fans are urging her to do, after seeing her in various types of scarves, some revealing her hair and neck, reported Harian Metro.

The popular Malaysian songstress had once said she would don the tudung, especially since she had completed the Haj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca last December.

According to the Quran, men and women are required to dress modestly by covering their ‘aurat’, which refers to the area from the navel to the knee for men and all parts of the body except the face, hands and feet for the women.

But there has been much debate on how this can be interpreted and how far one needs to go to ensure proper Muslim attire compliance, a recent report in The Star said.

And this debate seems to be reflected in the various feedback that Datuk Siti’s fans have raised about their favourite pop star.

In some shots, they said, the 29-year-old seems to be wearing a scarf, leaving parts of her hair exposed while in others, the hair and neck is covered.

Last Sunday, a fan wrote in to the Malay-language daily to say that Datuk Siti was not consistent with her image – in her video, her hair would be covered, but the neck area would be exposed. And when she is not performing, her hair is also exposed.

She appealed to her fans to give her time to reach the point of covering up with a tudung – that means covering her head and neck.

She told Harian Metro: ‘I have clarified this issue, that I will be wearing a scarf instead of the ‘tudung’ straight away after earning the title ‘Hajah’ upon completion of the Haj.’

‘I hope my fans will give me some time because I’m still active in the entertainment scene.’

The baby-faced star is still well-loved, judging by her winning Most Popular Female Singer title at the recent Berita Harian Star Awards.

She admits that she prefers wearing a scarf over her head instead of the tudung for now.

She said: ‘This is because I don’t want to make a drastic change, but I will make the change towards donning the tudung slowly, and I hope my fans will be patient.’

Not all fans want her to wear the tudung though. Some want her to remove it as they think she looks better scarf-less.

Source: The Electric New Paper


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