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Yu-na Most Favored CF Model

Posted by diopatra on April 23, 2009

kim yu-na

South Korea’s top figure skater, Kim Yu-na, has surged ahead of prominent stars to take first place in the model rankings conducted by TVCF, an advertisement portal site.

Kim led the pack appearing in 15 commercial films over the past year. Currently, the figure queen is modeling for Hyundai Motor, Maeil Dairies, Samsung Electronics and others.

Ad experts estimate Kim’s annual endorsement fees at more than 5 billion won.

Top stars Jang Dong-gun and Lee Na-young came second and third with 14 and 12 commercial films, respectively, thanks to their constantly bright images.

In late March, Kim Yu-na made history in world figure-skating after becoming the first female skater to score more than 200 points while winning her first World Championship title in Los Angeles.

With a sizeable lead after the short program, Kim, 18, performed a remarkably charismatic dance, demonstrating flexibility and powerful energy before an awestruck crowd at the Staples Center.

Source: Korea Times


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