Confession of a Wandering Soul

Jolin catches bridal bouquet; Wants to date but has no boyfriend candidates

Posted by diopatra on April 24, 2009

jolin tsaijolin tsai

Source: LibertyTimes
Translation by minivicki @

For the first time in her life, Jolin caught a wedding bouquet and although she looked delighted on the outside, her feelings were actually down for a while. She moaned “I don’t have a lover!”, revealing that she really wants to start dating!

For her new MV “My Reliance (我的依賴) (Wo De Yi Lai)”, Jolin turns into a wedding party singer, giving blessing to the married couple. On the day of filming the MV, the wedding location was chosen to be the green pasture outside and when asked about her own ideal wedding location, Jolin said “I will choose to marry at the seaside. A very simple wedding and then have a party to celebrate!”

The director arranged for the bride to throw the bridal bouquet and Jolin will be in the midst of a crowd. The bridal bouquet will unexpectedly fall in front of her, giving Jolin no choice but to catch it. The workers joked that “Catching the bridal bouquet means that you’ll be the next to ring the wedding bells!” Although Jolin was delighted to hear that, she couldn’t help but lament “There’s not even a candidate yet, how will the wedding come?”


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