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Lee Jung-hyun Ready to Come Back

Posted by diopatra on April 25, 2009

lee jung hyun

Dynamic singer Lee Jung-hyun is ready to come back to the Korean music scene by releasing a mini album in mid-May. This is the first album to be rolled out in Korea in two years and seven months. The last of Lee’s album was her sixth one released in October 2006.

Meanwhile, Lee has established a new management agency named Ava Entertainment after leaving her previous management company, Yedang Entertainment. The name “Ava” comes from Lee’s English name, which is used abroad since her Korean name is hard for foreigners to pronounce. A representative of Ava Entertainment says that Lee’s new album will feature sophisticated pop music like that of Britney Spears and other young pop stars.

Having debuted as an actress in 1996, Lee started her singing career in 1999 with one of her biggest hits, “Wa (Come).” Since then she has expanded her career to China, where she’s regarded as a superstar.

Source: KBS World


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