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2PM the ideal of ‘The Dressing Room of Whom?’

Posted by diopatra on April 26, 2009

2 pm

Translated by: ♥ NaNo NaNdOz @

Recently (Yesterday), 2PM (Chansung, Jun-Ho and Jaebeom) had appear as a special guest on KBS2 Variety Show Star Golden Bell. The group has been recieving popularity amongst the audience with their current hit ‘Again & Again’.

The show revealed that there will be a special segment featured on the show about 2PM experiencing a new ‘Gag Concert Corner’ of the dressing rooms of their seniors, to see which will be their ideal. The segment is called ‘Star Golden Bell 2PM KBSTV’ (for now).

The Star Golden Bell MCs revealed that the segment starts at 2PM’s dressing room and see what each of the members dressing room looks like. The women will come in see which dressing room they liked the most and explain why. The segment will show who is the big player and who is favoured amongst the women.

In addition Lee Jun-Ho commented on, ‘The girl will like choose someone else over me which I liked’?

On the same day of recording, the PM broadcast on show and ask 2PM questions like ‘Who feels the sexiest the most when he feels like it?’ A member answered ‘… After having a shower, he usually wears a pink underwear (spoilers – check youtube for videos). And then everything will usually burst into laughter.

In addition, the group also performed their hit ‘Again and Again’ and showed their amazing dancing moves.


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