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“I care a lot about their reaction” – Joe Cheng’s 2 ways of charming his fans

Posted by diopatra on April 26, 2009

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Translated by Kassy @

Hong Kong people get to know Zheng Yuan Chang from [It Started With A Kiss]. Every time when he comes to Hong Kong he will be surrounded by his fans, he was being reminded by Sylvia Chang, asking him not to dwell in the cheers and applaud from the fans, so then Zheng Yuan Chang said that other than his physical appearance, he also wants his fans to acknowledge his acting skills.

Earlier on Zheng Yuan Chang and Sylvia Chang were in the stage play [Design for Living] that was directed by Director Edward Lam, the tickets for the 4 days performances in Hong Kong were sold out in a very short time, later they will start to have their Asia Tour, having additional performances in Hong Kong during July.

Don’t dwell in the cheers and applaud
Zheng Yuan Chang reveals that he has put in a lot of effort into this stage play performance, and in return he also get to learn a lot from this experience. Earlier on he says: [Having another way of performing which I don’t have last time, it will be a great help to my acting career. Since I have started to act in tv series and until now, it has been about 5 – 6 years already, have put in a lot of hard work, but still grateful to have the help from Zhang Jie (Sylvia Chang) as well, able to work with Zhang Jie, to me it’s already a great honor.]

During every rehearsal, Zheng Yuan Chang’s fans will be crowding around the back door, waiting, one day Sylvia Chang suddenly have this thought and reminded him, Zheng Yuan Chang says: [Zhang Jie told me that I should never dwell in the cheers and applaud from the fans, I won’t dwell to that extend but I still care a lot about the reactions coming from the fans, everything that I do will effect them, if the fans notice my tiny bits of hard-work, I will be very content already.]


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