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Shin HyeSung: In the midst of arrangements with a pretty idol group

Posted by diopatra on April 26, 2009

eng trans:

Entering upon a live tour concert, Shin Hyesung: “In the midst of arrangements with a pretty idol group”

Shinhwa’s lead vocal, Shin Hye-Sung, is preparing a concert in which he and his fans can sympathize with one another.

SHS: Y-Star viewers, everyone, hellow, I am Shin Hye-Sung. Nice to see you.

Last November, Shin Hye Sung successfully completed his second solo Asia tour, visiting such places as Seoul, Shanghai, Osaka, and Tokyo. This May, he will start his third live tour with the opening of “Keep Leaves in Seoul.”

Q: Concert introduction…?
SHS: It’s called “2009 Keep Leaves Tour” and starts in Seoul. Japan, China, the plan is to go around Asia.

Q: Differences beteen a group and solo concert…?
SHS: Both are fun. It seems fun but the first time was really awkward. The first concert I did alone, I was very worried and troubled but because now is the third time … I’ve adapted so it seems I can enjoy myself.

Last concert on stage, Shin Hye Sung and the Wondergirls together showed a cool stage. For this concert, what type of unexpected look will he be showing? How can one not be curious?

Q: Last concert the Wondergirls appeared as guests …?
SHS: From some point on, because the Wondergirls have come as guests a lot to my concert, it seems that a lot of politely anticipating males are present. For this concert, wondering which cute and pretty idol group will come, so I’m feeling a little burdened … it’s in the middle of arrangements.

Even though he is over 30, unchanged for this time, boastful Shin Hye Sung! Seems always to be like this, he has prepared a lot for surprise events for his fans.

Q: Are there events prepared for the concert …?
SHS: I’ve prepared something different. Many events that will surprise over and over again. You will be surprised. Really …

Q: The surprising event…?
SHS: If I tell, it will be no fun of course. Of course you have to come. You have to come. Definitely have to come.

Showing a various repetoire and with Surprise guests, Shin Hye Sung’s concerts will open on May the 2nd and 3rd at Ewha Women’s University Auditorium.


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