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Nam Gyuri Fires Back

Posted by diopatra on April 27, 2009

Core Contents Media had released a statement on 20th April, claiming that Nam Gyuri had left the company and SeeYa on her own accord, despite still having 2 years of the contract still to run. Nam Gyuri then issued a response on her Cyworld saying (translated by

“Everyone is lonely,
God didn’t make me more lonely especially,
Don’t be lonely, don’t be suffering because you’re walking all alone.
If this time passes by, this could be something that’s not worth mentioning again.
Trust the power of time,
It’ll only be hard at this moment

There is nothing in the world that makes you suffer until you lose your mind.”

Things escalated into an even uglier mess yesterday after SeeYa members, Lee Boram and Kim Yeon Ji told the media before their mv filming that Nam Gyuri was lying and that they felt betrayed by her actions. Right after that outburst, Nam Gyuri sprung into action again as she made known her very open and honest thoughts, saying how painful she was feeling deep inside her heart on her homepage. She also addressed her critics, trying to make sense of all this she said/they said.

She wrote, “I am not trying to hide, or avoid [the situation]. I am at the end of my contract period.” She also added that, “I did not continually absent myself or not show up for group events.” She questioned the rumors about her on her blog, “Who are these people [related to] Mr. Chae…my heart is torn into pieces at how much fighting is going on. I feel like I’m going to be sick…Who is on my side? Who is my company? When did I have a dual-contract? Who are these sponsors? Who the hell is my ‘boyfriend’ that is helping me? How much did I make and how many more ‘secrets’ must I reveal? What in the hell were the kind of ‘special treatment’ that I received? Why was I always saying yes to and doing everything asked that had been asked of me for the past three years?”

She went further by saying, “All I wanted to do was to sing and act. But with the facts becoming so twisted now, I become more and more weak and my heart hurts. I have no choice other than to become a mute.” Regarding the final meeting between her and Core Contents Media, “I will never forget the look on their faces during the last conversation we had, while I spoke in tears. When I told them that I would no longer continue in the agency, and if they had anything to say or ask me, I will never forget his facial expression. All he did was just nod his head.”

“We believed that we were one group…but why are we divided into two now? After the summer, when I came back, I was met with cold, dark eyes like ice, that I do not want to remember. During the winter of 2008, people talked behind my back about how I have no loyalty. And now I have to hear words that are hard enough to say to someone. I cannot sleep, nor eat. I cannot feel joy, pleasure or laughter” She even asked her mom, “Mom, if this is a part of the process of growing into an adult, then I never want to grow up. I do not want to hurt anyone or get hurt anymore. This hurts too much.”

credits: allkpop


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