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Family Outing’s Chunderella is a Genius?

Posted by diopatra on April 28, 2009

lee cheon hee

Model and actor Lee Chunhee has gone from strength to strength, developing from “Chunderella” to “Clumsy Chunhee” on top variety program Family Outing.

You might remember on he said his IQ was 148 on FO. Really? Could the ever-suffering, accident-prone Chunhee have an IQ of 148?

His response in a nutshell: Actually, my IQ us 150 but people find it unbelievable so I lowered it for broadcast.

“I told people that I looked dumb only because Hyori was teasing me so much, but nobody would believe me. I was famous since elementary school among my friends for having a high IQ; in high school, I had the third highest. My teachers always said they could never understand why my grades were so bad.

“Though,things I’m not good at, I’m seriously bad at. I’m bad with numbers so my arithmetic is awful, my memory is bad so I can’t rote learn a lot and my vocabulary is pretty bad so I don’t speak very well.

“I think my spatial thinking is exceptional. If I see an object, I can see the back of it in my mind. Those questions are so easy in IQ tests.”

He says he got into acting when his parents were against him going to a university for arts, and says he got his attitude to doing anything he’s asked to do during his spell as a conscript in the army.

“My superiors would say, ‘Go and make me a closet’ and I ran off to make one. I didn’t know I could, but I did it anyway. It was so much fun and I made all my own furniture after I left the army. I don’t notice time flies whenever I have wood and saw in my hand… from sunrise to sunset.”

credits: seoulbeats


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