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Cain and Abel Hangover

Posted by diopatra on April 30, 2009

cain and abel

after how many weeks of trying to finish the drama, finally, i’ve finish it.

but why do i have this feeling of emptiness. this is one of the best drama i’ve seen so far. the actors and actresses did a great job on every character they portray.kudos to them.

there are characters you’ll love from the very start, characters you’ll learn to love, characters you’ll hate to the bones. this drama triggers all kind of emotions a person can possibly feel.

i want to see more of this drama. i want to see more of So Ji Sub.

maybe when idont have much to do, i’ll watch this drama all over again.

3 Responses to “Cain and Abel Hangover”

  1. cathy said


  2. American Ajumma said

    A good review. The week that the last two episodes were coming out, I actually rewatched the entire series in anticipation. The only thing I don’t like about this series is that it is over. I even went in search of Potato Dumpling Soup that Cho In found so addictive, “Like YoungJi” Although all the actors did a great job, I can’t wait for So Jisub’s next series. Has anyone heard what that’s going to be?

  3. jane said

    So Ji Sub is really a great, great actor. I’m so excited of his comeback in the movie industry.This guy is a superb actor and I want to see more of him in some movie and
    drama series projects.This guy really rocks.

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