Confession of a Wandering Soul

Drugs Make Their Way Into Boys Over Flowers

Posted by diopatra on April 30, 2009

Joo Ji Hoon isn’t the only celebrity guilty of using drugs. There are actually more celebrities involved than first thought. Actor Lim Joo Hwan, who started out as a model and became an actor just like his pal Joo Ji Hoon, hasn’t exactly made it big yet, but he did play a supporting role in the never-ending drama Boys Over Flowers. All you avid Boys Over Flowers fans will recognize him as So Yi Jeong’s older brother. Too bad his acting career is going to be damage, as he is under investigation for taking drugs as well. A rookie singer whose name and gender is unknown is also under investigations, but no one really cares until names are given.

Ms. Yoon once said that there were 2~3 or even possibly 4~5 celebrities that had met up and taken ketamine or ecstasy. It’s been revealed that they would meet up at either Mr. Ye’s or Ms. Yoon’s house, as well as various clubs that celebrities frequently visit. Since parties obviously entertain more than five people though, so police are speculating that the problem is much bigger than they thought.

credits: allkpop


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