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Rough Cut with Eng Sub

Posted by diopatra on April 30, 2009

rough cut

Released date: 11 Sept 2008.
Genre: Action movie.


Gang-pae (So Ji Sub), #2 in his organization, is swamped with routine violence, and his dream of becoming an actor never went away. Star actor Soo-ta (Kang Ji Hwan) lives behind a veil, away from public eyes. Over time his behavior becomes increasingly agitated, provoked by paparazzi wanting a piece of him wherever he goes. This behavior puts him in a series of spiraling and uncontrollable situations. Now he begins shooting a new movie playing a gangster. Because of his bad temper, he beats up a fellow actor and forces the production to a halt. Feeling responsible, Soo-ta requests Gang-pae, whom he met by chance, to play alongside him in the movie in order to save the production. Gang-pae agrees with the condition that the violence portrayed in the movie has to be real and not fake acting violence. Soo-ta accepts the condition and they get ready for the real match.


1. Kang Ji Hwan and So Ji Sub won Best New Actor (movie) at 45th Baeksang Arts Award on 27Feb09
2. Kang Ji Hwan and So Ji Sub won Best New Actor at 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards on 20Nov2008
3. Kang Ji Hwan won Best New Actor at 7th Korean Film Awards on 4Dec2008
4. Kang Ji Hwan won Best New Actor , So Ji Sub won Best Actor , Jang Hoon won Best New Diretor at 28th Critic’s Choice Awards

Rough cut 1/2
Rough cut 2/2

2 Responses to “Rough Cut with Eng Sub”

  1. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article.

    Thank you for supplying these details.

  2. I love them so much! I watch every single video of them that I can find on YouTube. Thank you for this

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