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SS501 Park Jung Min, “I don’t regret filming the condom CF”

Posted by diopatra on April 30, 2009

park jung min

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SS501’s Park JungMin said frankly that he has no regrets over the condom commercial that he did.

Park JungMin appeared for MBC ‘Golden Fishery’ section ‘Radio Star’ on 29-Apr, and expressed the reasons for filming the condom CF when MC Kim GookJin and Yoon JongShin drew out the topic “A difficult and special past when you were still a year 3 middle school student”.

Park JungMin corrected Yoon JongShin’s explanation of ‘Contraceptive pill commercial’ that “It is not a pill” and “It is a column about types of contraceptives”. He explained carefully “This is important”, “It should not be for unsought situations”, “The contents are on the explanations on methods of usuage”.

In response, MC Kim Gura said “So it is to encourage the correct usage of contraceptive tools” and making an idle remark, “You did such a good thing at a young age” to change the ambience positively.

Park JungMin thought at that time “I didn’t think that it was a bad thing.” And he also spoke of his opinion frankly “I will do it again if I were to get back at it now.”

Park JungMin also said “In one of the CF that we filmed previously, one CF that doesn’t look good is the one that we were turning member HyungJoon as a skipping rope.”

This episode of ‘Golden Fishery’ recorded 13.8% (TNS Media Research) viewship.


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