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TVXQ 27th Single breaks Oricon’s No.1 overseas greatest records

Posted by diopatra on April 30, 2009


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TVXQ has once again occupied the number 1 position of Oricon’s weekly chart.

TVXQ announced on April 22 that they have once again occupied the Oricon’s weekly chart with their Japanese new single ‘Share the World!’. With this, this had made TVXQ have 6 number 1 weekly charts which had made them the new No.1 ‘Overseas Artist.’

The group’s 27th Japanese Single ‘Share the World!’ has also occupied Number 1 position for Oricon’s album sales and Number 1 position for Oricon Weekly Chart.

Oricon has posted news on April 28 on how TVXQ has succeedly have their 6th Number 1 single on their weekly chart. Which set the Number 1 Overseas artists record.

According to recent news, TVXQ has also hitted number 1 with their hits ‘Purple Line’ back in Jan 2008, ‘Beautiful You’, ‘JUMON-Mirotic’ and ‘Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky’. This establishes the best record at the Japanese successive overseas artist at the beginning.

‘Share the world’ is currently being used as the 9th opening music for the anime-series ‘One Piece’ ‘The Secret Code’ (their latest hit) was also used in a series-drama.

The 27th single `Share The World’ which meantime, shines to Oricon weekly single chart 1st place will be in Korea on May 6th in CD and CD+DVD 2 kind versions for domestic license sold. The DVD will contain `Share The World’ music video sketch image and translation Text record especially which will cause a hot reaction.


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  1. ray said

    The latest Jpop July 19 Top 40 songs. Temogass is #1

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