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Whee Sung Launches TV Show for Discovering New Talent

Posted by diopatra on April 30, 2009

Singer Whee Sung (real name Choi Whee Sung, 27) has created a TV show that is aimed at discovering new talented artists. The show, entitled “Whee Sung’s Pre-Star 1,” premiered on April 24 at 8 p.m. on Mnet, and the singer personally hosted it. The show seeks to present promising up-and-coming musicians with opportunities to introduce their music to the public and rise to stardom.

Nine or ten teams will be selected every month. The winner will be picked through an online vote on and will have a chance to perform on Mnet’s music ranking show “M! Countdown.”

Whee Sung says artists these days mostly gain popularity not for their music and talent but rather for their abilities to make people laugh. He says it is discouraging to see many talented musicians lacking opportunities to win people’s hearts. He said, “I will do my best to help their talent shine.”

source: KBS global


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