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Fahrenheit deny going solo; sing new World Expo song together in Beijing

Posted by diopatra on May 1, 2009

Source: Sina
Translated by catalie @

Yesterday popular group Fahrenheit appeared in Beijing for the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China one year countdown “A Small Change to Create City’s New Brilliance” event. On the day, besides exchanging ideas about environmental conservation with outstanding university students, Fahrenheit also performed the new Expo theme song .

Onstage, Jiro Wang, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan sang and danced. Furthermore, in the MV for , the four of them led the crowd in doing gymnastics, using body language to cheer for the World Expo, advocating environmental development and awareness. When it was mentioned that there is often news about people damaging the environment during filming, Fahrenheit said, “We often see this kind of news and this distresses us because once the natural landscape is damaged, it’s gone. When we’re filming, we will throw out all out used meal containers together in a garbage bag and the staff will throw it away. Also, we will always use re-usable chopsticks rather than disposable ones.”

As long as you’re in a group, you can’t avoid rumours about splitting up and flying solo. Naturally this also applies to the very popular Fahrenheit, often rumoured that there are members wanting to fly solo. “We just finished our concert and have so many endorsements that we have to do together, how could be disband? These rumours will obviously be proven wrong, we still have many dreams that we want to fulfill together.” Previously it was rumoured that Wu Chun wanted to fly solo but lately it’s been rumoured that Jiro Wang wants to go independent but Jiro said at the press conference, “Go independent? How could that be? I’ve never thought of doing that.”

Wu Chun explained that even though he has constantly been troubled by his leg injury, he still danced enthusiastically in the MV for new song released by Coca-cola. He said, “Earlier, I was continuously busy with the concerts and didn’t have time to rest. Now we’ve finished, I’ve been trying to rest as much as possible, I’ve even been walking less. Everyone saw me sitting in a wheelchair at the airport but it’s not due to pain but because I want to rest a while so my injury recovers faster. Coming up we still have lots and lots of work so I don’t want this injury to hold me back.”


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