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Super Junior notches up another KBS2 Music Bank Award despite losing to Davichi at Mnet Countdown!

Posted by diopatra on May 1, 2009

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Today, KBS2 Music Bank has release a new weekly ranking system. The new ranking system still contain the original voting scores from the Viewers Ratings (from Mobile Ranking and On-Line voting.) and now consists of 3 other new scores such as ‘Digital Music Score’, ‘No. of Times Broadcast’ and ‘Record Sale Scores.’

On Friday May 1, 2009 Super Junior has once claim the number 1 position on KBS Music Bank for the 4th time (2 Monthly and 2 Weekly)! beating out Son Dambi’s ‘On a Saturday Night’ and 2pm’s debut track ‘Again & Again’. Even though the scores were quite close, Super Junior was able to take out the weekly chart with their hit ‘SORRY SORRY!’. Super Junior will be performing their new track next week after ending 2 month promotions for ‘Sorry Sorry!’. A repackage album will be released soon.

Top 20 Chart:
1. (–) Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
2. (4) Son Dambi – On a Saturday Night
3. (New) 2PM – Again and Again
4. (New) SG Wannabe – ..I Love You
5. (2) SNSD – Gee
6. (New) K-Will – Dropping the Tears
7. (New) Younha – 1,2,3
8. (3) Davichi – 8282
9. (New) Lee Junki – J Style
10. (6) Lim Chang Jung (임창정) – 오랜만이야 (Long Time No See)
11. (7) 8eight – 심장이 없어 (Don’t Have A Heart)
12. (8) Jo Sungmo – 슬픈 영혼식 (For your Soul)
13. (5) Tiffany (from. SNSD) – 나 혼자서 ( Be Myself )
14. (New) 지아 (Georgia) 터질 것 같아
15. (New) After School – Diva
16. (9) 2AM – A Friend’s Confession
17. (New) 옥주현 – 사랑한단 말못해 (신데렐라맨 OST)
18. (Re) Big Bang – Day By Day (Haru Haru)
19. (15) Kara – Honey
20. (New) MC Mong – Simple Love

Super Junior may have taken this weeks KBS2 Music Bank award but unfortunately lost to Davichi’s 8282 on Thursday’s Mnet! Countdown show! due to the 3 wins rule. Son Dambi ‘On a Saturday Night’ came second, whereas Super Junior was placed 3rd on the rank list.


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