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Hyori was mobbed in China

Posted by diopatra on May 2, 2009

The princess Lee Hyori, known for her feisty and bright personality, burst out in tears while she was in China. On the 22nd, she arrived at in Shanghai for the filming of a commercial and was met by a mob of ecstatic fans. Trying to avoid all the chaos, she and her staff quickly made their way to the parking lot, only to find that the car they had rented had not yet arrived. The fans started to back her into a corner and began taking pictures. It seems like this was all too much for Hyori because she ended up bursting in tears. Some fans could be heard saying “Unni, are you alright?” and “Stop taking pictures please!” While others, of course, continued to harass her. The ones who did not stop, kept doing so even while the transportation arrived and Hyori was getting in.

Apparently Chinese media printed that Hyori was being a “diva” and was rude to her fans.

credits: jaeuraznMV + allkpop

just watching the video makes me scared, so just think what hyori felt that time.

i dont want to generalize, coz every country have crazy fans, but seriously, the crazyness of chinese fans are over the top. how many stars were mobbed in the airport? and media is not helping by accusing the celebrity a snob or rude. no one is happy being mobbed.

though there’s a lack of security, but i think there’s no amount of security to stop these crazy fans


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