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Reason why SS501 became the Top search on internet

Posted by diopatra on May 3, 2009

just funny clip, hyun joong and hyung joon guested on a show where they tell the story behind being top search on the internet after debut.

Hyung Joon = HgJ
Hyun Joong = HJ
OG = Other guest

HgJ: During mid autumn, everyone went home but I didn’t.
It was during our practicing period. I often go online.
HJ: Our group remain as the top search online it’s actually all by his hardwork.
MC: You mean searching for your own group name?
HJ: Really, he’s like an office staff searching for SS501 continuously for 3 hours.
OG: I was still feeling envious that SS501 remains as top search, it turns out that you guy do it by yourselves.
MC: Thought it’s hardwork by alot of fans. It turns out to be done all by Hyung Joon!
HgJ: If you search online with my ID number, you can find around 20 user under my name. I even do it with my granny and grandpa ID. Really trying very hard. When we got number 1, i was so happy.
HJ: He on all the computer in our office. Logging on with 2 computer at 1 go.
HgJ: To do it faster.
MC: Aw so cute.
(Other guest sharing their story, i will not translate)
HgJ: (Continuing what he did on mid autumn) So i contacted around 15 to 20 friends and asked them to do the search with me. That time we just debut, so I wanted to boost our popularity by a little.
HJ: He’s exaggerating. He only have 2 friends.
I’m serious. He really only have 2 friends. When he just bought a handphone, he only saved a few contact in it. I asked him, “Hyung Joon, you don’t have any friends?” He replied “1 friend for chatting, and another is a true friend.”
HgJ: It’s not true!
MC: So where did you get that 15 friend?
HJ: It’s exaggerated. He really have a friend just to chat with. He don’t even know how he look like. Only can see his picture from the display picture online.
HgJ: (Continue his story) Anyway, I did that with my friends for 3 days. Not going home, eating instant noodle when i’m hungry. I wanted to go home, but i got no money.
MC: How much did you spend for 3 days there?
HgJ: About 60000-70000 (Korea dollar).
MC: For 3 person?
OG: 1 true friend, 1 chatting friend and another 13 is DongSu. (Meaning ‘imaginary friend’ taken from some other variety program.)
MC: Actually i don’t even what does it means, i just laughed. (He don’t understand what is DongSu)
*Other MC explains*

MC do closing for Hyung Joon story.

credits: reena29lim@yt


One Response to “Reason why SS501 became the Top search on internet”

  1. melli said

    Oh this is so cute! SS501 are real bunch of funny guys with alot of talents n good looks! Both HJ n HgJ’s back and forth on the friend thing is so comical. I can imagine both’s expressions too. The leader n the baby of the group! ^_^

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