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2PM JaeBum – 2AM SeulOng, “Battle of ‘Chocolate Abs’”

Posted by diopatra on May 5, 2009

Sources:, Jay
credits: 2PM online

2PM’s Jaebum and 2AM’s SeulOng showed their ‘luxury 6-packs’ [chocolate abs] in a TV program which expected to attracted the hearts of the viewers.

Jaebum and SeulOng appeared on the KBS 2TV ‘Gameshow! Great Match’ which will be aired on the 3rd. They showed their ‘chocolate abs’ formed by working out. During ‘Human Bowling’ game, Jaebum & SeulOng who were on the same team had a pre-match when they showed their solid abs, making the women who are watching excited.

Although Jaebum & SeulOng were on the same team and being 2PM and 2AM’s representative for momjjang (best body) and putting their pride on the line, they had an abs battle. Then, comedian Kim Byung Man and singer Kim Sung Soo also had a belly battle, making the guests burst unti laughter.

On that day, Jaebum also showed his flipping skills and turning the atmosphere brighter


One Response to “2PM JaeBum – 2AM SeulOng, “Battle of ‘Chocolate Abs’””

  1. skrcs said

    I say 2AM changmin O.o Hotness to the max

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