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Coca Cola comes out with ‘Dynamic Kin’ targeted at youth – Models Kim HyunJoong, Park ShinHye

Posted by diopatra on May 5, 2009

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Coca Cola comes out with carbonated drink ‘Dynamic Kin’ targeted at the youth market.
‘DK’ is a carbonated drink with refreshing and cool lemon lime fragrance that will give vitality to exhausted body and mind. The company explained that this is a carbonated drink targeted for the younger generation.

Using Kim HyunJoong from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and Park ShinHye as their models, the concept of the CF is of one’s body and mind that are exhausted with the daily work, and being recharged by the refreshing ‘DK’ with a ‘splash’. TV commercial will be shown !!!! from May onwards!!!!

In addition, the TV commercial song will be sung by Kim HyunJoong, displaying his refreshing powerful voice in addition to showing his gentle charm visually.

The brand manager said “The main target is on trendy and refined youths thus we have various marketing activities for ‘Dynamic Kin’ which is a new exploration to capture the youth market share.” Dynamic Kin (250ml) is sold at 750won.


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