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Gui Gui wants Aaron Yan to take responsibility for taking her first on-screen kiss

Posted by diopatra on May 5, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

GTV idol drama ‘Pi Li MIT’ went to Guang Zhou to promote, and Gui Gui was full of surprising remarks, exclaiming that she had given up her first on-screen kiss, and wants Aaron Yan to take responsibility, and marry her in the future. When Aaron heard this, 3 lines immediately appeared on his face, he smiled awkwardly: “She really knows how to say alot of nonsense.”

This Guang Zhou promotional trip is Gui Gui & Aaron’s first time, leaving their group and going to promote together. Aaron revealed he was very nervous, “Amongst Fahnreheit, I’m the youngest, I have older brothers to help so I’m not worried, but Gui Gui is even younger than me, I’m scared that she’ll say the wrong thing, and I won’t know how to rescue her.”

Sure enough, Gui Gui immediately began her moves. Besides saying that she wanted Aaron to marry her, she complained that every time she phones Aaron, he always says he’s too busy, making her feel very disappointed. Aaron rushed to clarify saying that he really is very busy, not purposely ignoring her.

Gui Gui has terminated her contract with her previous management company, from 8 girls to going solo, her mood is still adjusting, “take this opportunity and equip myself ah, so I went to learn yoga, ballet and ballroom dancing.” But her bickering habit with Aaron has not changed, the 2 bickered one sentence after the other, and even unexpectedly revealed that during filming, Fan Fan revealed that this would be her last drama. They called out for her fans to try persuade her, so everyone can collaborate again in the future.


3 Responses to “Gui Gui wants Aaron Yan to take responsibility for taking her first on-screen kiss”

  1. Feni said

    Kawaii,I think gui gui is really cute,not only in drama but also in the real life.Gui2 i hope u and aaron or wang zi can joining another drama together,i’ll waiting for that.

  2. lea said

    you know what will be more exciting!
    it’s to see gui gui , wang zi and aaron in one move!
    who will win and who will lose
    who will have a happy ending with guigui and who will be her left friend
    is gui gui going to be a princess
    or is she going to be a famous detective wife!
    how awesome is that?

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