Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ariel Lin arrived at her contract signing conference in a grand limousine

Posted by diopatra on May 6, 2009

Translated by: Kathykel @ TKA Subbers

Yesterday, GBA best actress Ariel Lin gloriously joined her new (music) company and was expected to release her solo album during this year’s summer vacation. When asked about the differences between acting and singing, she thought that it is more relaxing being a singer. She laughed and said: “Filming focuses more on the concept of ‘militarization’ whereby I only had 20 minutes to eat. But when I was recording, I can rest for one and a half hours just to eat.”

Since her brain surgery in February, she had lost 3 kg. She said “It’s easier to lose weight once my endocrine disorder was solved.” Yesterday, she rode in a Rolls Royce limousine to attend her contract signing conference. She had signed with AVEX for a 3 years contract with 3 albums to cut.

Actually, Ariel once took part in 6 drama original soundtracks (OST) by lending her voice and the most popular of all was ‘Lonely Northern Hemisphere’, the theme song for ‘Love Contract’. At her recent recording, her good friend Joe Cheng came to visit her and Stella Huang often encouraged her to release an album. She hoped that she can ask for advice and tips on singing’s skills from Rainie Yang if she had a chance.

Ariel Lin also mentioned that she did not sleep for 6 days 6 nights when she was filming LOCH and actually broke down when she finally saw sunrise. Transforming to a singer now, she said “I have been thoughtful and considerate to others for too long already. I want to be (my) Ariel Lin (now).”

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