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Ethan Ruan : Date girls older than me? Sure

Posted by diopatra on May 6, 2009

Source: The Electric New Paper

HIS idol status has been established by hit TV drama Defeated Queen.

So how does Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan handle work pressures with his rising popularity?

Ethan said: ‘I believe that actors just need to focus on bringing out the soul in the script.

‘So long as the script and the working team are excellent, the overall performance delivered will meet expectations – just like for Defeated Queen.

‘Although I gained popularity from dramas Fated To Love You and Defeated Queen, I didn’t feel the pressure to perform because I was just acting according to the role I was given.

‘Acting comes more naturally with experience. This is the greatest reward Defeated Queen has given me.’

In both dramas, Ethan showed great chemistry with co-stars Chen Qiao En and Cheryl Yang.

He said: ‘Qiao En is an intelligent and sensitive actress. Her understanding of her character and script is beyond her age.

‘As for Cheryl, she is much more experienced. She is very conscientious in her work, and people respect her for that. But after getting to know her, I see that outside of work, she is just like a little girl – innocent and romantic.’

In Defeated Queen, Ethan’s character, Lucas, disregards the eight-year age gap between him and a woman played by Cheryl, and falls madly in love with her.

In some scenes, he even sheds tears for her, leading to high viewership.

Ethan admitted that even off-screen, he wouldn’t mind falling for an older woman, saying: ‘In high school, all my girlfriends were slightly older than me.

‘They were more mature, in terms of their attitude and understanding of life and love.

‘More than just having passion, a dating couple need to show each other acceptance and forgiveness. I really have very sweet memories of these relationships.’

But the woman he’s said to be dating, Eurasian model-actress Tiffany Hsu, isn’t older than him. Said Ethan of her: ‘She’s two years younger than me. I’m 27, just starting out in my career. A fortune teller said I would marry early. But how can I get married without a stable career?

‘I always believe that a man must first have a stable career and strong finances, before he can give himself to love. A poor married couple would have so much to worry about.’

He added: ‘A few years ago, I didn’t know what I was capable of, what sort of performance I could deliver, but now I do, and I know where I need to improve.

‘I will strive hard for another three years, for the saying goes, ‘A man establishes himself at 30’.

But Ethan pointed out that for now, he is taking the relationship slow, and that he and Tiffany are ‘just very good friends’.

‘She will start filming soon, and she will be gone for a few months. Right now, both of us need personal space and time for work. I’m putting my focus on my career, and so is she.

‘Strictly speaking, we are more friends, not yet lovers.’

Besides, the tight filming schedules for Fated To Love You and Defeated Queen have taken a toll on him and he is planning to take a study break.

He said: ‘Before filming begins for my third drama at the end of the year, I want to take up acting courses in China – whatever that can help me with my acting, and can let me observe experienced performers.

‘I want to learn more in the area of speech, facial expression and body language.

‘As an actor… I still have a long journey ahead.’

# This article was translated from the latest issue of U-Weekly.

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