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popularity is rising and fever’s going down?

Posted by diopatra on May 7, 2009

Source : Nownews
translated by fewfew @

Although ratings for is still over 6%, but are the audience’s patience declining? Some netizens are already expressing that the drama is dragging too much. On the other hand, the discussions surrounding is increasing. Could this be an implication that the audience is getting tired of watching idol dramas surrounding love? Is the audience now more interested in dramas with more complicated plots that are as exciting as the movie ?

Ever since the beginning, any twist in has always become the center of discussion for netizens. Among the discussions, “Whom does the Queen love?” is one of the hottest topics. It’s just that because SETTV wants to maintain its plot as a mystery, so that the total number of episodes has still not been revealed. However, in the recent episodes, there seem to have been too much “flashbacks”, where it has lead netizens to cry out, “this is too draggy!”

In contrast, , which is broadcasted every Saturday, is gaining more and more interests. Although its ratings lose to , both dramas are not aired at the same time. This original drama, which is directed by Cai Yue Xun, only has about 20 or so episodes and two episodes are broadcasted every week. The plot is exciting and highly complicated. Many viewers who are deeply captivated have expressed their reasoning behind who might be the “insider”. In addition to the exciting script, the strong and talented cast makes the whole drama worth seeing.

Furthermore, everyone feels very surprised yet expresses affirmation seeing how Taiwan can have such high quality filming. Director Cai even indicates that he will start filming the movie version soon.

From the discussion point of view, it seems that the fever of has cooled off, while is still crawling up; this can be seen from the number of Google hits and Kimo (Yahoo Taiwan) blog searches. Ever since debuted, whether its standing or traffic, it is still way ahead of . Looking like the audience has lost patience as story lines ‘s are dragging out? The wave for is about to take over Taiwan!


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