Confession of a Wandering Soul

Aaron Yan loves & hates his 100% mum

Posted by diopatra on May 8, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Aaron Yan has a strict mum who always expects 100%. He describes their relationship as ‘love & hate’. In elementary school, there was once when he forgot to do a question in his maths test, and when his mum found out, she immediately cried on the spot. That incident left a big impression on him, so infront of his family, he’s always expected himself to be perfect. The one exception was when he got hurt by his first love; he burst into tears after he hung up the phone, and his mum would stay by his side, crying silently with him.

In his mum’s eyes, good-looking Aaron is a sensitive, kind child, with a very straightforward personality. He easily offends others, and this often makes her a bit worried: “During his rebellious period, if the teacher didn’t teach correctly, he would stand up and yell at her, I had to go to school every year.”

Aaron loved to sing since he was little, from elementary school to university, he would always sing very loudly in class, and wasn’t afraid of being heard by others. His classmates would often complain, but his mum expressed proudly: “Fortunately, his singing wasn’t bad.” It wasn’t a big surprise to her when Aaron entered the entertainment industry, but the first time she saw him performing on TV, she was very nervous: “I hoped that his performance would be 100%, very scared that he would get nervous and make a mistake.”

The mother-and-son are very close, but their love for each other is always in their heart, not necessarily spoken. Aaron said that previously, when he injured his leg, his mum would pick him up and drive him to all his events. He was very worried that it would be too much for her health, but it was difficult for him to verbally express his inner feelings.


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