Confession of a Wandering Soul

Charlene Choi has plans for children

Posted by diopatra on May 8, 2009

Source: Wen Wei Po
Translated by Firesheepy @

Yesterday, Charlene Choi(Ah Sa) appeared as the ‘Cervical Cancer Ambassador’ in ‘Mother’s day HPV Injection Plan Launching Ceremony’, during the function, Ah Sa told all the ladies to take note of cervical cancer, and a doctor present also gave the injection to a woman, who was going to get married and wanted to give birth, Ah Sa, who was holding a toy needle, was hilarious at the scene.

Ah Sa, who has been the ambassador for two years, disclosed that she had already taken the 3 vaccinations, she said: “I introduced this to the lady friends around me, even Gillian (Ah Gil) had taken the jab.” Ah Sa, who was said to be in a stable relation with rumored boyfriend, Ronald Cheng, disclosed recently that she wanted to give birth to 5 to 6 kids and form a basketball team, yesterday, she said that she decided to give birth to one to two instead. Ah Sa laughed and said: “If I give birth, I don’t want other people to intrude, I want to earn money myself, and I don’t think I can take care of that much!” When asked whether she would leave the entertainment circle if she gave birth? Ah Sa, who was devoted to her work, said: “No, but I will do lesser, if I can’t I won’t do, I want to spend more time and accompany my own BB’s progress.” She also disclosed that after retirement, she would do some business that she likes, for example food industry or fashion business.

It’s mother’s day this week, Ah Sa disclosed that she had to work on that day, but she decided to celebrate by having dinner with her mum, grandmother, two aunts, her uncle’s wife and many other relatives, other than having dinner with them, she disclosed that she would take time to choose 5 gifts for them.

Ah Sa was said to have fallen for watching dramas recently, she said: “I am watching recently, I watched from 4am till work starts, and can say I am addicted.”


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