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Jerry Yan Cheng Xu Open New Website, 300,000 Hits

Posted by diopatra on May 8, 2009

It was reported that Yan Cheng Xu really treats fans with heart. Recently, he has established a new official website, Continue – Yan Cheng Xu International Offical Website with free membership spending NT1.5 millions from his own pocket. The new website opened on April 29 and on that same night, instantly there were 300,000 visits already, and it led to the crush of the server. The new website has been opened for only 8 days, and there are 300,000 members and 2 millions visits already.

Every year, although fans meetings are held, he thinks that his interaction with fans is not enough, as only the paid members had access to some of the content at the old site, so he decided to establish a new, free website with his own money ( The old site,, has stopped any renewal of information already. His agent, Fenny said, “The free official website is a special gift from Jerry to fans.”

On the night the new site was opened, the number of visits reached 300,000 immediately, and it led to the crush of the server, and this gave the staff a headache, as they underestimated the size of the flow. Therefore, they increased its bandwidth, so fans can visit the new site without problems. However, when the reporter tried to register yesterday, although the website could be opened, registration was not successful. Fenny explained, “May be too many people were visiting at the same time, please be patient and try a few more times.”

Jerry also left message in the site greeting his fans. He calls his fans his family members. He also mentioned that he knew about his family member’s having car accident and fighting with cancer recently, so he hopes that all family members can pray with him, and wish all the other family members healthy and happy. According to information, after Jerry knew about his fan’s car accident, he visited her at the ICU secretly. His gesture really gave the fan a big surprise and she was very touched as well. At this time, that fan is in recovery.

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source : Apple Daily

19 Responses to “Jerry Yan Cheng Xu Open New Website, 300,000 Hits”

  1. joannayoung said

    jerry is ugly. stupid, fat, ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, stupid, stupid. he is weird and rude. he is not a good uncle or actor or singer.

  2. Tony said

    Hey Jerry wears a green and black checkered flanel/shirt in the tv series starlit, I was wondering what brand is it and where can I find it?

    Thank you!!!

  3. icylolly25 said

    @Joannayoung: hey, watch your mouth…! 🙂

  4. Precious87 said

    @Joannayoung said..hey you stupid bitch!!!! your ugly not Jerry, I bet your fat as well; no boyfriend, that’s why you hate Jerry for being handsome,..and I guess you look old with lots of pimples…wahahaha!! YOU SHUT UP, STUPID FUCKING BITCH!!!..

  5. Precious87 said


  6. Jerry Yan i’m your # one fan in the philippines i hope u visit our country if u have time u know it’s more fan in the philippines:Dbecause now that summer her it’s so hot.i will always be ur fan i love u..:*:*:*stay nice and cute.take care.always:);):)

  7. Hi jerry hope your ok do not mind your bashers!you have lots of likers than not,i will ialways support you. Ever.

  8. Just stay always nice and good towards other,be humble enought.and no vices at all,that’s the most i like you.although i dont know anything about you except the things i read about you in internet. I know that in my mind and in my heart that you are good person inside and out. I wish you all the best and happiness in life and in lovelife. And in career as well.thank you so much. Hope you read this message of mine.

  9. You’re very handsome JERRY:-)

  10. Meteorite said


  11. Mary ann said

    Jerry I hope you can find the right girl for you. I’m your avid fan from the Philippines.

  12. msanata said

    Hi jerry pls come to my country philippines 👄😍

  13. felipa baron said

    Jerry Yan is the best actor…

  14. susanto said

    how to chat whit jery i wanna give big surfise for my sister, my sister very love jerry , help me please……..

  15. Jannah Reños said


  16. Jannah Reños said

    Beb kanus a ka po magmiminyo?

  17. Jannah Reños said

    pagminyo na daw kwarinta na baya ka

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