Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ruby Lin Favored by South Korea

Posted by diopatra on May 8, 2009

Translation by: eising @

Mayor of Seoul (Capital of South Korea) Oh Se-Hoon presents a plaque to Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin appointing her Seoul Goodwill Ambassador at City Hall on May 06, 2009.

On Wednesday, Ruby Lin was appointed by Seoul Metropolitan Goverment as the City Cultural & Tourism Ambassador in China, Sina says, citing Joongang Daily, a major Korean newspaper.

At this appointment ceremony, Ruby Lin donated her favorite item. It’s the Jade necklece that she keep since HZGG days. This necklace will be sold at auction, and all earnings goes to the poor students in Seoul.

She is scheduled to stay Seoul till on Saturday. Ruby already visited so many famous places in Korea included MBC drama cafe studio, Actor Bae Yong-Jun’s own resturant and so on. She will back to China on Saturday, and immediately visit to Xichuan earthquake place to volunteer.


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